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Oil Paintings

Painting of a Western Landscape A Winner!

This painting was entered in the Colorado Coalition of Artists Regional Juried Show & Sale

Won the Gamblin Prize for Oil Painting

Canyon Spirits

Canyon De Chelly, AZ

Oil on Canvas on Board, 24″ x 36″

$1800 USD Framed

The Painted Flower

Some Bones

War Not, ’tis Hell

Oil, gold leaf on Linen

34″ x 36″   $2095 USD


Found in the Bighorn

Oil on Board

24″ x 30″  $1095 USD


Found in Salida

Oil on Board 20″ x 22″  $775 USD


Badger x Two (from the Both Sides series)

Oil on Board  14″ x 18″   $575 USD

Art & the Landscape


Art & Archaeology Mesa Verde

Sleeping Ute, View from Mesa Verde N.P.

This is the Painting I donated to the N.P.S. after I was Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde. You can see this painting at the Museum on Chapin Mesa.

Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 36″

These are some paintings of Balcony House & Long House in Mesa Verde.  Its a very warm and hospitable to tourists today, but was probably a hairy place to live in if you were a grandma or small child since the front drops straight down into a deep canyon

Balcony House, Room for the Past in the Present

 These empty rooms are very small & claustrophobic.

Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″  $150 USD

Windows to the Past, Balcony House

The windows of these ancient buildings are dark and seem unknowable, yet hold the past’s secrets for us to find.

Watercolor on Paper, 12″ x 16″  $150 USD

Turkey Window, Balcony House

 A dark window in the back of Balcony House, smoke blackened room with a turkey enclosure and incised turkey tracks.

Oil on Canvas  16″ x 20″ $125 USD

Living on the Edge, Long House, Mesa Verde N.P.

Living on the Edge, Long House Mesa Verde N.P.

Long House is an amazing site; I know of at least two other artists who’ve painted this particular view.  I was attracted by the intimate yet mysterious feeling.

Oil on Board, 18″ x 22″  NFS

Sunset at Long House

Here’s another view of Long House, the sunset turning the canyon red and warm. Much  of what we see now was once enclosed.  It was dark and smoky.

Oil on Linen 20″ x 28″ $500 USD