Subjective Abstracts

Here are some subjective abstract paintings, take a look you’ll know what I mean, some seem more abstract than others but the subject is the story behind them.

Fontanelle, Living Dune

When I worked as an archaeologist in Opal WY (Exxon Sour Gas Plant on BLM land) my job was to draw cross sections of the dunes where we were working.  This painting recalls that time and work.

Watercolor on Paper  28″ x 20″ $500 USD (framed)

Woman Across the Prairie

This painting is an image of a woman as the landscape, the metaphor was strong in my mind for several years before I had the nerve to actually paint it.

Watercolor on Paper 34″ x 48″  $1095  USD

Brown Trout

I’ve painted trout for 25 years, inspired by my fly fishing safaris throughout the Western U.S.  This one is very popular and people see eyes, smiles, and dreams in it.

Watercolor on Paper 25″ x 35″   Original $1095  Giclees available in any size.  Posters $15.00 or $25.00 framed.

Dark from the Past

This is a composite of the elements of Kiva Floors that I’ve seen in Ancient Puebloan Houses.  The firepit has center stage in this painting, the vent is above it and the sipapu at the very bottom.  The sipapu is where the people came out of the earth and into the world.

Mixed Media on Paper  26″ x 23″  $200 USD

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